Widow thanks community for Quiz Night in honor of her husband

On the night when Steven Ward would have celebrated his fiftieth birthday, friends and family turned out for a Quiz Night at Bull’s Head in Repton to celebrate his life and honor his memory, and raise money for the hospice which took care of him in his last days. Mr. Ward died of mesothelioma in April of last year, according to this article in Burton Mail.

The article states that Mr. Ward’s mesothelioma was caused by his job “working for a now defunct car sales company during the 1980s, which brought him into contact with asbestos.”

Steve’s wife Sally said of the event: “Steve should have been celebrating his 50th birthday this year and we wanted to get everyone together to celebrate his life. Treetops Hospice provided night nurses to help with Steve’s care so that he could spend his final days at home, which was very important to him. I wanted to give something back to them.”

Mrs. Ward explains her choice of a Quiz Night as a fundraiser and birthday remembrance: “The idea of a quiz night was perfect.
Steve and I regularly played in the quiz before he was poorly.”

Though they raised money for a worthy cause, the Wards and friends have not been able to seek compensation for Steven’s untimely death: The company Mr Ward worked for no longer exists, and the family have been unable to trace the firm’s insurer, meaning they cannot pursue a compensation claim at this stage.

Despite these setbacks, the Burton Mail reports, Mrs Ward vowed to “continue her fight for the Government to set up an employers liability insurance bureau to help relatives in her position, and for more specialists in asbestos-related illness, to enable faster diagnosis and treatment.” These are worthy goals, and we wish her the best of luck in achieving them.


May 26, 2011. Support Information.

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