Family honors father’s mesothelioma death with charity fundraising

The Mann family, pictured above, lost their father Peter to mesothelioma last month. Widow Hazel recalled her husband “kept fighting until the end.” To honor the late husband, father, and plumber’s memory, the Hazel family raised £350 (the equivalent of $556) for the charitable trust Mesothelioma UK, according to the Worthing Herald.

The family collected money for the charity and handed out informational leaflet to passersby, warning them of the dangers of asbestos exposure. Peter Mann was exposed to asbestos during his time as an apprentice plumber, years ago, but only received his mesothelioma diagnosis this January.

Mrs. Mann told reporters that when her husband was diagnosed, “they asked him if he wanted to know how long he had to live and he said ‘no’.” Mr. Mann’s bravery and optimism could not slow the cancer’s rapid progress, and he died on the morning of June 14, 2011–a day Hazel will always remember:

“The morning before he died, he was in so much pain but he kept trying to get up to walk – it was horrendous. He didn’t want to die and he kept fighting until the end. My mother had lung cancer and it was bad, but she was in nothing like the pain my husband was. You just can’t imagine what it was like.”

Hazel and her children thanked everyone who donated, and hoped that their leaflets left an impact: “The number of people with mesothelioma will soon reach its peak, and it affects around 2,000 people each year. Although there is less asbestos around, people are still coming into contact with it and people need to realize you don’t have to work with asbestos to get mesothelioma [referring to second-hand asbestos exposure].”


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